6 weeks

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chaz has officially passed the 6 week mark!  He's getting so big and making us laugh all the time!  I have learned that he might look like his daddy, but he's got a lot of his Mama in him.  He's a "goer."  We (well, I) don't like sitting at home, so we have been finding all kinds of things to do.  We met Ryan for lunch one day, strolled around the outdoor mall one day, met Lou Lou and Lyn for lunch one day, went to Babies-R-Us & Target one day... and that was just last week!  He does really well when he's "out and about."  He tends to sleep and eat better.  I'm so thankful and hope it stays that way!  He's getting better with sleeping at night... that or Ryan and I are getting more used to it!  :)  Here are some recent pictures taken from my phone... I seem to snap more with it than I do my regular camera.

If you know Ryan- you know he ONLY wears Polo stuff...
Chaz and I surprised him one morning and put on a Polo onesie.

He's a big boy now... facing forward- although, he's not fond of the sun in his eyes.

We got bored after a bath one night and made a mohawk... it stayed that way until his next bath!

Chaz's absolute favorite place!  He can be screaming his head off and when I lay him on his changing table, he'll start laughing and talking up a storm!  I often grab a magazine and sit in the chair while he plays!

I couldn't believe how well he did in his chair... he's been holding his head up for a while now- not for long, but I thought we would try this and he loved it!  And... there's the mohawk again.

I love this little boy!  :)