February Snow

Monday, February 15, 2010

Last Monday we got almost 6 inches of unexpected snow in Byhalia! I woke up to the alarm on my phone going off and realized I had 2 text messages... both of them said the exact same thing... "look outside." Immediately, I jumped up and ran into the bathroom to our big window and sure enough... SNOW! Ryan and I were like little kids... we got the 4-wheeler out and played! I was determined to make snow ice-cream so we rode the 4-wheeler down to the grocery store and made ourselves sick eating so much! Since we don't have any children... yet... playing in the snow, I took some pictures of our house and land!

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Shannon Richardson said...

Love the snow. Now it's time for you to get a "baby countdown" ticker. Check out thebump.com :)
oh, and speaking of baby bumps, I can't wait to see yours!!