Sunday, September 12, 2010

The days are getting long around here!  We are officially in single digits till the due date... and I am SO ready!  On the way to church this morning, I told Ryan we had to find something to do this afternoon to keep me busy.  Problem is... I don't have the energy or desire to really do anything.  Well, Lou Ann called after church and said that she and the kids would come meet us for lunch.  Of course, any chance I can get to see my kiddos- I'm all about it.  While we were eating, Ryan mentioned fishing and Mattie and Reid got excited!  We have a pond in our backyard so of course I was in... only a few feet from the house!  We only stayed outside for about an hour- which was perfect for all of us.  Can't wait till Chaz is here to go fishing with his cousins!

Mattie caught a fish!

Reid didn't want anyone to help him but Ryan.

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