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Friday, February 25, 2011

Hey Everyone!  As most of you know- I'm always into "projects" around my house.  One thing that I have to remind myself is that there is only 1 of me.  Ryan was a big help, but now he's the official babysitter when I start a project.  I've been wanting to blog more about my before and after projects, and just got an email that has encouraged me to do so more often!

One of my DIY projects in Chaz's nursery was featured on the blog where I bought his initial decal.  Ryan and I changed an armoir into a changing table.  We took a piece of plywood and painted it a pale blue (looks brighter in the picture).  I order a decal from Decal Monograms and had Ryan put it on the board for me.  We then attached the board to the back of the armoir to cover of the holes where the T.V. cords would go and he framed it out with chair rail that I bought from Lowe's.  I found some baskets that fit perfectly from Target and within minutes- we had a full blown changing table.  It was so easy and the best part... I got the armoir for free.  Total cost:  about $50... not including the diapers :)  The picture doesn't show it, but there are also baskets below that hold his books and some toys.

I sent this picture to Marilyn at Decal Monograms and she posted it on her blog.  I was so excited!
Check out her stuff... it's really cute and very affordable!

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carrie said...

You are so talented!! Way to go!