6 Months!?!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Where has time gone?  I realized today when I logged on that I never posted his 5 mth pictures.. bad me, but I'll do it all now!  We had our 6 mth checkup this week and Chaz is growing like a weed!  He rolls everywhere and according to his Lou Lou he is technically crawling.  Not on all 4's yet, but he scooting and pulling enough to get wherever he want to.  He LOVES to eat.... and will eat just about anything.  Sleeping is getting better- but, he still hasn't figured out how awesome it actually is!  Bathtime is still his favorite- he starts kicking when he sees the water and doesn't stop until he dried off in his pj's.  I have a 30 minute drive to daycare and normally we talk the whole way- if I ever get on the phone, he jumps on his chance to nap-
since he probably wasn't sleeping when he was supposed to. 
Seriously... what did we do without this sweet thing??

6 Month Stats:
19 pounds 6 ounces - 70%
26 3/4 inches long - 50%
Diapers- Size 3
Clothes- anything from 9m-18m
Loves to eat- eating #2's and #3's
Rolling everywhere
Sitting up with Mama close by
Scooting on his big belly
Starting to use a sippy cup- would rather hold it than his bottle
Loves cartoons
Loves to watch everyone- especially his crazy cousins
Loves to stroll while Mama runs
Reaches for people & things
Favorite Toy:  old remote that is now his
Nicknames:  Sugar Man & Chazzie

Starting to pose for these pictures....

My little "Sugar Man"

I promise he wears clothes... sometimes.
And notice this is the thing you are suppose to lay UNDER and play with... he decided to tear it down and lay on top....

5 Months Old

Got Curls?

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Courtney said...

WOW - can't believe he's already 6 months. I am so diggin' the curls! HAHA!