10 weeks

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chaz is now 10 weeks old!  He's so fun and getting so big.  I started back work last week so it's been an adjustment getting up, dressed, to daycare, and to work all before 8am.  Chaz seems to be doing to good at Nanny's.  She kept Mattie and keeps Reid and my cousin's daughter so he's around family all day.  I think his aunt (and uncle) are loving getting to see Chaz everyday.  I know I'm loving getting to see Reid and Eason. 

Fun Facts about Chaz:
  • Weighs approximately 14 pounds.. big boy!
  • 23 inches long
  • Wears a size 2 diaper and anywhere from a 3m-9m in clothes
  • Loves to ride in the car- it's his favorite!
  • Slowly, but surely, is figuring out that sleep is the best thing ever!
  • Smiles a lot (except when I have a camera in hand)
  • Still loves to eat and has started eating more at a time and fewer times a day.
  • Has figured out that kicking while taking a bath is really fun!
  • REALLY wishes he could walk already-hates sitting in our laps, but LOVES standing in our laps.
Sorry about all the pictures!  I realized I haven't posted any in over a month!

Picking out Chaz's first Christmas tree

I wasn't the best at taking or posting these.  As you can tell, it would be about bedtime when I thought about it!

I love bath time!

I love my Mattie & Reider

Mama's funny!

 Mattie singing to Chaz

 Daddy dressed me... can you tell?


JNoPie said...

The 2 weeks old picture is my favorite! I love you, Chaz!

Courtney said...

Okay, so the one month old pic is my favorite. LOL!