We're getting on a roll.....

Sunday, January 9, 2011

literally!  Ryan and I went to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl last week and when we got home, Chaz started rolling!  He's not doing it every time he's on his stomach, but he gets really close!  He stayed with my sister while we were gone, so of course Aunt Lou Lou says she taught him. :)  We also had our first ear infection a few weeks ago.  He's been battling a cold for a few weeks and it wasn't getting any better.  With us going out of town, I decided to go ahead and take him in.  Sure enough.. those ears were infected.  Man what a difference antibiotics make!  He's eating, sleeping, and playing SO much better!  He's a happy little man and we are just loving it!  I also think it's fair to say he's looking more like his Mama!  What do y'all think... it's probably the fat cheeks, but that's ok! I finally downloaded some videos to my computer so I'm putting one from tonight! 

3 Months Already?!?!

Going to Church

Hanging out at Christmas

Playing with my best friend, Reid

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