4 months

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chaz seems to be feeling a little better this weekend- thank goodness!!  I took him back to the doctor on Friday, because he started wheezing again, but the doctor insured me it was still the same thing and not to worry.  He's not so sure about solid foods... seems to just want his bottle so if anyone has any good suggestions- let me know!  He ate great the first day, and ever since he's not interested.  I'm pretty sure he needs it- he's about to eat (drink) me out of house and home!  :)

4 Months Old!

Ryan's friend, Scotty came to visit and meet Chaz- I think Chaz liked having someone beside Mama and Daddy to play with!

Saturday was so pretty- we pulled his exersaucer outside and let him play.
Can't wait till spring!  (Ignore the hair- it goes EVERYWHERE!)

As Ryan would say- I normally dress him "like a girl" so this weekend,
I put him in overalls and jeans. 
 His daddy LOVED it!

As most of you know- I don't cook... ever.  Luckily, I have my own chef and he has a new assistant!  Chaz will sit here for hours watching his daddy- too cute!


Jill said...

I made Ford's rice cereal really runny the first few days. After about 2 or 3 weeks we started stage 1 baby food. I was told to start with the green vegetables first then the orange ones and move on to fruits.

Terra Cravens said...

I LOVE his hair!!!!! Also, we did the overalls all weekend just for Daddy :) Chaz is a doll and getting SO big!

Courtney said...

I started both my kids with fruit - sweet and yummy to help get them use to the solids. Then orange veggies, then the green which is always the least favorite but by then, they are more use to the solids and will tolerate it much better. Even if he seems to not dig it, keep at it. It's just new and different and might take him a bit to catch on. He's such a cutie!

The Warf Stories said...

Chaz is just precious!! Selfishly, I'm relieved to know Silas and Avery aren't the only ones not exactly liking the spoon! We started to try after our 4 month checkup... after 5 days of gagging, we just waited a week, tried again, waited a week, etc. I just don't want them to dread meal-time...or trying new things. They are 5 months and still not "getting it". Our sweet Elizabeth (nanny) tells me "they be ready at 6 mon, don worry". So, we'll just keep trying...

If you find any tricks, share!!