Urgent Care, New Friends, and Cereal

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wow... what a weekend and week we've had!  First... for the not so fun stuff.  Chaz had his first visit to the Urgent Care on Sunday night.  Ryan and I thought we heard some wheezing on Saturday night, but it quickly went away and we didn't think anythinig of it.  Well, on Sunday night- it was obvious he was wheezing.  The weird thing was that he was playing and laughing like normal, but the harder he played the louder his breathing got.  I called the pediatrician and the nurse told me to take him on in.  When we got to the LeBounheur Urgent Care, the nurses and doctor were SO nice.  I'm sure it didn't hurt that Chaz was flirting with all of them and grinning everytime they would pay him any attention.  They took us on back and sure enough- he was wheezing pretty bad.  They gave him 2 breathing treatments and sent us home with an inhaler to do every 4 hours.  He was already scheduled for his 4 month check-up on Monday so when we went we had his doctor examine him.  The verdict:  Bronchiolitis.  It's a respiratory virus that is caused by RSV.  The bad thing is... there's nothing you can do for it- no medicine and no more inhaler.  He seems to be feeling a little better, but he just doesn't understand why he can't suck his paci or eat and breath at the same time.  It's about a 5 day virus and we are hopefully on day 3 or 4.

Chaz wasn't so sure about these breathing treatments....

Other news:  Chaz's friend Hardin was born early Saturday morning!  Chaz and I were so excited to go meet our new friend. 

He wanted to make sure his Aunt Amy Hardin didn't forget about him though...

Best Friends already!

Last... his 4 month check-up.
He weighed 15.14 lbs (50% percentile)
Almost 26 inches (50% percentile)
Got 3 shots
Started on cereal AND baby food!
Wears anywhere from 6-9 mth clothes
Size 2 diaper
Rolling on a regular basis
Loves to jump in your lap
REALLY wants to sit up- trys to anytime he's leaned back
Sleep is still interfering with eating- but, hopefully cereal will help
Smiles at everybody
Slobbers everywhere- teeth are definitely coming soon

He's a happy boy when he wakes up from a good nap!

Only Ryan would feed him cereal on the couch!  This is from this morning.  He can't go back to daycare yet, so it's a boys day at home! 
And, it looks like he made a happy plate!

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Courtney said...

Poor baby! Hope he's feeling better. Hard to believe he's already 4 months old! Cutie!!!