Wish List

Friday, January 21, 2011

My wish list: (in no particular order)

Vera Bradley Computer Bag- any color excepted.

SUN & beach... I want to break up Old Man Winter- the only thing you are good for is Snow Cream, and I've had enough for this year.  Thanks.

Adobe Photoshop CS5

No more medicine = healthy family.  Ryan went back to doctor today- bronchitis... 2 shots. 

 Pandora "C" charm.  I have the "G" and "R" and now that we are a family of 3...

The finish line to a half-marathon.  I'm getting the runner's itch again... but, Old Man Winter is really making this hard...

Vera Bradley Tote... in any color.

Sleep, sleep, and more sleep.

Tom's in canvas, size 8.  I just love these.

No, I don't need a watch- (but, I do like this one).
I really just want more hours in my day!

I realize my birthday and anniversary are a few months away, but if anyone would like to tell Ryan about Valentine's Day... just teasing!  It's always fun to have a wish list, and if you feel the need to honor a wish... you can email me for my address :). 

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Jill said...

You do know that Toms run a half size small. So if you wear an 8 get an 8.5.